Our Services

Achieving Excellence

Portfolio Management

Deal implementation and execution as defined under AIFMD and other applicable law and regulations.

Risk Management and Reporting

Setup of fund-specific Risk Management framework / tracking of limits and preparation of Risk Management Reports


Setup of the valuation function / preparing and reviewing the asset valuation on each NAV
date / year end coordination with fund auditor

Delegation Monitoring

Monitoring of the delegates (fund administrator, distributors, advisors, etc.) / reporting of the performance to the Board

Fund Marketing Support

Notification of the fund for marketing in the EU to professional and qualified investors / supporting the setup of the marketing network

Regulatory Reporting

Preparation and submission of regulatory reportings, e.g. Annex IV Reporting to the local regulator

Ancillary Services

  • Investor Reporting

  • Directorship Services

  • Company Secretary

  • General Partner Administration

  • MLRO Services

  • Marketing Support

  • Infrastructure (Office, IT)

  • Cash Management / Account Opening

  • SPV / Carry Vehicle Administration


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Whistleblowing Policy


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