ACM celebrates third anniversary!

Gruppenfoto Avega Capital Management im August 2023

Professional services are never a matter of one person knowing it all. If you want to succeed, it only works with a strong team having your back. Only working together will allow us to have a quality output. We believe that being able to function efficiently as a team is therefore the most important skillset.

OK that was quite a long-winded intro for a simple announcement:

We are celebrating like crazy! Avega Capital Management S.A. received a cake!!🎉 🎉 🎉

Yesterday, our company turned three. It’s “ours” – because we would not have been able to celebrate this amazing event if it wasn’t for every single of our hard-working and committed team members that joined us during the journey. This is the time to say a big big “thank you” to all of our 36 team members! ❤️

Since we are in the mood of distributing “Thank you”s – those ones go out to our clients and partners for having accompanied us on the journey, thank you so much!😊

A happy happy Birthday to us and “Stößchen allerseits”!! 🎈