New AIFM business, ACM, sets out to break the mould

Luxembourg-based corporate service provider Avega today announced the launch of a new host AIFM service line, Avega Capital Management (ACM). The firm is being created to “shake up the fund industry and bring a new approach to alternative investments.”

The new venture will see Avega offering regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager services in a way that will potentially buck a clear trend in the industry. Viktoria Heyer explains: “In recent months, we have seen extensive M&A activity in the service provider space. Unfortunately, this has brought with it a marked tendency for firms to look inwardly, at their operations, to the detriment of the client. Now, more than ever before, the client has to be at the heart of every decision, every action, every move into the future. This is why our new AIFM has this as its mantra: client, a capite ad calcem (from head to heel).”

ACM is a fund service business that brings together the founding partners of Avega, Dr. Wolfgang Zettel and Stefan Lambert, and four new co-founders — Stephan Grimm, Viktoria Heyer, Jens Holzhäuser and Nic Müller. Their long-standing experience in the private markets industry will be combined to offer new ways of managing capital. Nic Müller, Chairman of the Board of Directors, sets forth the company’s vision: “As an owner-managed AIFM that can draw from the resources of a larger group, we can combine the best of both worlds. All the individuals involved, and the wider organization, share a passion for private markets and want to contribute to Luxembourg’s outstanding reputation as a domicile-of-choice for alternative investments. We can clearly see a gap in the market for a firm like ours, with a deeply-rooted vision. We’re excited to begin our journey, despite the uncertainty of these times.”

Dr. Wolfgang Zettel and Stefan Lambert, co-founders of Avega, welcome the new-joiners: “We have been working with some of the world’s largest private equity houses over the last few years, and we are now exceptionally happy to be able to join forces with the ACM team to bring our capabilities to the next level.”

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